Long Term Planning / Upcoming Projects & Capital Improvement Program

CIP Cover
Menifee's ambitious five-year Capital Improvement Program, Menifee Moving, began in 2013. Two of seven projects have been completed, and the third, Interstate 215/Newport Road Interchange Project is currently under construction.

Preliminary design work is being done on the remaining four projects and if funding is available, these projects will begin as planned. Click on a project in the chart below for details.

Capital Improvement Program Brochure

Menifee traffic circulation improvement projects at-a-glance

Name of Project
Estimated Cost
Proposed start date
Newport Road Widening $4.4 million Completed
Menifee Road "Missing Link" $4 million Completed
Newport Road / Interstate 215
interchange Improvement
$48.4 million Under Construction
Bradley Road and Salt Creek
$8 million 2018
(in preliminary design)
Scott Road / Interstate 215
interchange improvement
$52 million Summer 2017
(Final design, pending financing)
Holland Road Overpass $18 million Spring 2016
(in final design)
McCall Blvd. / Interstate 215
interchange improvement
$35 million 2019
(Pending financing)

Newport Road West Widening

$5 million 2016
Safe Routes to Schools
Antelope Road / Romoland
$600,000 Fall 2015
Encanto Road Improvements $350,000 Fall 2015