1. Agendas, Minutes and Videos

    View agendas and minutes for the City Council and all City boards and committees.

  2. City Council

    Browse meeting information, members, and agendas and minutes for the City Council.

  3. Committees & Commissions

    Browse through a list of Menifee committees and commissions and see if there are any opens on either.

  4. City Manager

    The City Council creates the policy for the city, while the City Manager, who is appointed by the City Council, acts as the executive director of the city.

  5. Planning Commission

    View information about the Planning Commission.

  6. Voting Districts in Menifee

    View information on the voting districts that have been established in the city.

  7. Parks, Recreation, and Trails Commission

    Find out about the Parks, Recreation, and Trails Commission, when the meetings are, the qualifications to be a member, and fill out an application to apply for our open position.

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