Valley Health System - Living Healthy, Building Community Grant Program  

The City of Menifee has just been granted $50,000 from Valley Health System for The Living Healthy, Building Community Project/Program!  The purpose of the Program is to:
  • Target and focus on increasing community health and awareness amongst community members of all ages by providing fitness and social interaction through an exercise/fitness route with fitness stations along the way, as well as different nutrition and fitness classes
  • Promote healthy eating habits by providing a nutrition garden and gardening opportunities for people of ages 13 and up.

The Program will provide several different areas of opportunity to seniors and youth to interact in providing an overall improvement on community health and well-being. As part of the Living Healthy, Building Community Program, which is for all residents, we'd like to introduce the Seniors Active & Fit  Enrichment (SAFE) Program.  Please click on icon below for Program details.

SAFE Program Details

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