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The Zoning Code Update Process

What is a Zoning Code?

The Zoning Code divides the City into “zones” and defines how property in those zones can be used by regulating land use, size of buildings, parking, and other development related issues.

Preparation of a New Menifee Comprehensive Development Code Update is Underway

The City of Menifee has started the process of creating comprehensive “Menifee-specific” zoning, subdivision and grading ordinances that are consistent with and implement the adopted 2013 General Plan.  Otherwise known as the Comprehensive Development Code, the regulations will be crafted to be user-friendly and help the City and applicants to achieve the vision, goals and objectives of the General Plan while establishing clear procedures for the development review process. 

For more information about the General Plan, see: General-Plan

Why Update the Code?

Menifee became an incorporated city in 2008 and adopted its first general plan in 2013. However, the ordinances governing the development of the city were prepared for the County of Riverside prior to incorporation. They are outdated, unnecessarily complicated, and do not accurately reflect or properly implement the City’s General Plan.

Will It Change Use of My Property?

The primary purpose and effect of the new zoning, subdivision, and grading ordinances is to make them consistent with and implement the 2013 General Plan. While many improvements to the organization and mechanics of the Zoning Ordinance will be improved, the updated zoning will not change the General Plan land uses. The General Plan adopted by the City in 2013, recommend changes to a few defined areas that require changes to zoning for consistency purposes.  These areas were discussed during the General plan approval process for which there were numerous public hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council.

What is the Process?

The City, with the support of its consultant, Michael Baker International, has designed a multi-phase process that that includes the following major efforts:

How Can I Participate and Stay Informed?

The Comprehensive Development Code update process has been crafted to provide multiple opportunities for interested parties to learn about and participate during key project milestones. Notice of study sessions, workshops, hearings, changes to the schedule, and links to published information and draft documents will be posted on this webpage.

Draft Ordinances Available for Review!

11/6 City Council Drafts

Online Versions

View the Development Code in Encode!  Encode is an online tool for viewing of the Development Code, which provides rollover/pop-up definitions, dynamic tables and hyperlinks, and search capabilities.

Companion Design Guidelines Now Available for Review!

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