Public Records Requests

Procedure for Public Records Requests

All requests for public records are coordinated through the office of the City Clerk. Click here to submit your request, or search prior requests (As of March 1, 2020).

Per the California Public Records Act, the City of Menifee will make every effort to respond to you within 10 days. Response times and production of records may be delayed as a result of limited staffing and City Hall closures during the ongoing COVID-19 national, state, and local emergency. We appreciate your understanding and patience.  Please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 951-672-6777, if you have any questions.

The California Public Records Act allows the City 10 calendar days to respond to the requester stating whether the request, in whole or in part, exists and is disclosable. Under the provisions of the California Public Records Act, requested records, may require the staff's careful examination to ensure that the documentation provided is complete. 

Please Note:
 Requests that are too general in nature (i.e., all files relating to...) may result in a delay, pending further identification of the records.

Examples of information that will help expedite the process:

  • Name or title of document (i.e., Plot Plan No. 100)
  • The address or property location
  • Developer name
  • Date of public hearing or City Council approval / denial if applicable