Park Maintenance

The Community Services Department is committed to making our City parks and landscape clean and attractive places to visit. Park Maintenance handles a variety of park facility services such as; graffiti removal, tree management and water conservation, irrigation repair, weed and pest abatement, turf maintenance, and much more.


The CSD removes graffiti in city parks; however, if graffiti is located on private property, it will be forwarded to Code Enforcement.  The CSD will attempt to remove graffiti on public areas within 48 hours.  To report graffiti at parks, you may call Community Services staff at (951) 723-3880


Menifee has a large population of trees comprised of magnificent native and non-native trees in parks and along landscaped parkways.  Trees are one of the cities greatest natural resources.  Trees are a source of shade, heat relief, air purification and other environmental benefits providing quality of life and economic benefits to the community, residents and businesses.  Menifee’s tree management program is aimed at sustaining trees and require careful planning and vigilant maintenance. Trees are evaluated on a case by case basis and are maintained in a systematic order throughout the city. 


Water is a valuable resource and the public plays an important role in minimizing waste.  The City of Menifee encourages the public to report broken irrigation by contacting the Community Services Department at (951) 723-3880.  For more water conservation tips and how you can do more to save our most precious resource, please visit the following websites for more information:

Eastern Municipal Water District -


The Community Services Department appreciates the assistance of the community in identifying maintenance needs as they arise.  Should you have a parks and/or landscape maintenance questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at (951) 723-3880    

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Park & Landscape Maintenance Manager: Bryce Howell, ISA, CPSI
Parks & Landscape Supervisor: Aaron Narcisse
Senior Park Maintenance Worker: Joseph Powell, Gustavo Pech
Our Park Maintenance Staff have a combination of CIT and CPSI credentials