Building & Safety Plan Check

Plan check is the first stage of all construction projects. Plans are prepared to show all work that is intended to be accomplished in the proposed project. The plans should include architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and energy compliance plan sheets. Up to five sets of plans may be required when submitted and two sets of any supportive documentation. Once submitted, the plans are routed to the planning and engineering departments for review. A Fire Transmittal must be obtained for submittal to Riverside County Fire. Re-submittals may be required to address any corrections necessary from review comments. Plan check is complete when all departments have approved the plans.

Plan check turnaround times
Building & Safety’s plan check submittals turnaround times are as follows: First submittal for plan check is 10 working days and second and subsequent plan check submittals are 7 working days. Larger submittals may require more time.