Checklist Requirements for Small Solar Systems

Eligibility Checklist for Small Systems for One and Two Family Dwellings

General Requirements
  • System size must be 10 kW AC-CEC rating or less
  • The solar array must be roof-mounted on one- or two-family dwelling or accessory structure.
  • The solar panel/module arrays must not exceed the maximum legal building height
  • Solar system must be utility interactive and without battery storage
  • Permit application must be completed and attached
Electrical Requirements
  • No more than four photovoltaic ("PV") module strings can be connected to each Maximum Power Point Tracking ("MPPT") input where source circuit fusing is included in the inverter
    • No more than two strings per MPPT input where source circuit fusing is not included
    • Fuses (if needed) must be rated to the series fuse rating of the PV module
    • No more than one noninverter-integrated DC combiner can be utilized per inverter
  • For central inverter systems, no more than two inverters may be utilized
  • The PV system must be interconnected to a single-phase AC service panel of nominal 120/220 Vac with a bus bar rating of 225 A or less
  • The PV system must be connected to the load side of the utility distribution equipment
  • A "Standard Electrical Plan" and supporting documentation must be completed and attached
Structural Requirements
  • A completed "Structural Criteria" form and supporting documentation must be attached
Fire Safety Requirements
  • Clear access pathways must be provided
  • Fire classification solar system must be provided
  • All required markings and labels must be provided
  • A diagram of the roof layout of all panels, modules, clear access pathways and approximate locations of electrical disconnecting means and roof access points must be completed and attached
Approval Requirements
The following permits are required to install a solar PV system with a maximum power output of 10kW or less:
  • Residential Solar Permit is required
  • Planning review is not required for solar PV installations of this size
  • Fire Department approval is not required for solar PV installations of this size

Submittal Requirements

  • Completed Building & Safety permit application
  • Demonstrate compliance with the eligibility checklist for expedited permitting.
  • A completed "Standard Electrical Plan." The Standard Electrical Plan may be used for proposed solar installations 10kW in size or smaller. A completed Structural Electrical Plan can be downloaded at
  • A roof plan showing roof layout, PV panels and the following fire safety items: approximate location of roof access point, location of code-compliant access pathways, PV system fire classification and the locations of all required labels and markings. Examples of clear path access pathways are available in the State Fire Marshal Solar PV Installation Guide.
  • Completed expedited "Structural Criteria" along with required documentation. Structural Criteria can be downloaded at For non-qualifying systems, provided structural drawings and calculations stamped and signed by a California-licensed civil or structural engineer, along with the following information:
    • The type of roof covering and the number of roof coverings installed
    • Type of roof framing, size of members and spacing
    • Weight of panels, support locations and method of attachment
    • Framing plan and details for any work necessary to strengthen the existing roof structure
    • Site-specific structural calculations
    • Where an approved racking system is used, provide documentation showing manufacturer of the rack system, maximum allowable weight the system can support, attachment method to the roof or ground and product evaluation information or structural design for the rack system

Plan Review

  • Applications can be submitted to City of Menifee, Building and Safety Department in person or electronically through:
  • Plans will be reviewed in seven working days


Once all permits to construct the solar installation have been issued and the system has been installed, it must be inspected before final approval is granted for the solar system. On-site inspections can be scheduled by contacting City of Menifee, Building and Safety Department by telephone at (951) 246-6213 or electronically at Inspection requests received before 2:00pm are typically scheduled for the next business day. If next business day is not available, inspection should happen within a five-day window. Permit holders must be prepared to show conformance with all technical requirements in the field at the time of inspection. The inspector will verify that the installation is in conformance with applicable code requirements and with the approved plans.