Street Scene - Menifee's Traffic Management Forum

Street Scene

Provides a two-way dialogue about traffic congestion and road conditions in Menifee. It aims to educate residents about how Menifee Public Works is easing traffic congestion and completing road repair projects, while working as an avenue for the community to voice traffic, street and graffiti-related concerns or to ask questions.

Street Scene Hotline
(951) SAFE-999 or (951) 723-3999
Your "avenue" to be heard

Why so much traffic congestion?

During the past decade Menifee has grown from a rural stop along Interstate 215 to the second fastest growing city in Riverside County. With growth, unfortunately, comes growing pains. As new families move to Menifee and new retails stores and restaurants open, more vehicles are making trips n Menifee's main thoroughfares. As the City works to improve infrastructure to catch up with growth, traffic congestion has become one of Menifee resident's top priorities.

Funding to improve congestion comes from increases sales tax and property tax, which is why most improvements can not be done prior to growth.

How can we improve it?

Menifee's Public Works Department is taking a two-pronged approach to address traffic congestion in Menifee: Infrastructure Improvements and Traffic Management.

Infrastructure Improvements

Changes and improves circulation. Projects are prioritized based on a combination of need, funding availability and readiness to begin. There types of projects include:
  • Installing traffic signals and stop signs, and restriping intersections to improve traffic flow.
  • Capital Improvement Projects (large-scale construction)

Traffic Management

Projects improve traffic flow on existing streets and include:
  • Engineering and Traffic Survey, completed June 2013 - this project examined mobility in Menifee
  • Creating street light and traffic signal design manuals for improved visibility
  • Creating the Menifee Traffic Impact Analysis Guidelines provided and standardized format for assessing potential traffic circulation impacts of proposed development projects, general plan amendment specific plans and land-use zoning
  • Adjusting speed limits to reflect traffic survey results
  • Using traffic calming techniques
  • Creating a Traffic Management System to synchronize the city's main traffic thoroughfares
  • Limiting construction projects during traffic peak hours/days
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