Healthy Menifee Program

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Healthy Menifee is a community-based initiative that promotes a healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on four core components: nutrition, active living, community health and disease prevention. Our goal is to increase awareness of health in our community and inspire residents to develop healthy habits that will help us all live longer and healthier lives.

Since its start in July 2017, Healthy Menifee has been providing a wide variety of educational programs, resources and events, including, Recreate Your Health, Menifee Mobile Kitchen, What’s Cookin’ Menifee, and Evaluate Your Plate. Healthy Menifee promotes practicing proper nutrition for overall health. Our educational programs teach people to examine their diet and evaluate their nutritional goals. Healthy Menifee introduced Livabetes, a diabetes support group that guides residents through disease management and support in creating healthy habits in their lifestyle.

The City of Menifee is working on an Active Transportation Plan, see the video below for more information!
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With the rise in obesity, diabetes, and other health related issues the City has begun to take an active role in overall health awareness and unhealthy prevention measures. Most notably, the City implemented a free after-school program at Chester W. Morrison Elementary School called Meni-Fit Kids. Since its introduction, Meni-Fit Kids has expanded significantly and continuous to grow throughout the Menifee Union School District.

As the City of Menifee grows, we welcome families to a safe, clean, and thriving community.

For questions about Healthy Menifee programs and events please call us at (951) 723-3880.