Complaints Not Handled by Code Enforcement

Complaints that are not handled by Code Enforcement are listed below. 

  • Animal related complaints (Animal Control)
  • Abandoned vehicles on public street (Police Department)
  • Bee Hives or Bee Infestations on Public Property (Public Works Department)
  • Branches Overhanging onto Private Property (Civil Dispute)
  • Vehicle parking on public streets (Police Department) 
  • Criminal Activity (Police Department)
  • Drug Related Activities (Police Department)
  • After Hours Noise Complaints (Police Department)
  • Street Lights (Public Works Department)
  • Graffiti in Public Areas (Public Works Department)
  • Homeless Encampments and Activities (Park Rangers)
  • Home Owners Association (HOA) CC&R’s (Handled by Local HOA)
  • Location of Property Lines (Civil Dispute)
  • Tree roots causing damage to private property fence or structure (Civil Dispute)
  • Trees on Electrical Power Lines (Southern California Edison (SCE)
  • RV parking on public streets (Police Department) 
  • Property Line disputes between neighbors (Civil Dispute)
  • Branches Overhanging onto Private Property (Civil Dispute)


Animal Control

(951) 674-0618 Ext. 222 or 223

After Hours Number: (951) 506-5069

Animal Control Website

Police Department

Emergency Number: 911

Non-Emergency Number: (951) 677-4964

Park Rangers

Hotline Number: (951)723-3888

Public Works Department

(951) 723-3757

Street Team (Graffiti, Road Repairs, Etc.)

(951) SAFE-999

Southern California Edison (SCE)

(951) 928-8210

SCE Website

Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD)

(951) 928-3777 Option 3

EMWD Website