Charter School Policy 

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Charter School Registration Program:

City of Menifee currently accepts certificates for programming from the following charter schools:

  • River Springs Charter School 
  • Inspire Charter School
  • Mission Vista Charter School 
  • Sage Oak Charter School 
  • Pacific Coast Charter School 
  • Sky Mountain Charter School 

Steps for Charter School Class Registration: 

Step 1: Contact your charter school to see if the City of Menifee is an approved vendor. Parent/Guardian must contact the school or teacher for more information on how to take classes through the city.  

-If class is not on list it could mean it is a new class/program, or it has not been approved by the charter school. 

Step 2: While awaiting for approval by the school, parent/guardians can create a Daysmart account. DO NOT REGISTER FOR CLASS. (This allows for a profile creation and quicker enrollment once purchase order is received by the city). 

Step 3: City of Menifee will receive a purchase order from the school, and enroll the student into the class if space is available. 

- Enrollment will not be done with no purchase order, even for reoccurring charter school participants. 

Step 4: If enrolled, a confirmation email with enrollment details will be sent to the email listed on Daysmart account. 

Participants are required to submit Enrichment Certificates or PO’s (5) business days prior to the first class meeting. Please note: All classes are subject to availability. Popular classes sell out quickly, and the city is not responsible for securing enrollment without proper paperwork in hand.

As a note - only the students named on paperwork received from school will be enrolled in the program(s). All certificates are non-transferable and not permitted to be utilized for discounted programming for siblings who are not also enrolled in the same school and/or with valid paperwork.

Contact your charter schools vendor services to have the City of Menifee listed as a vendor to take advantage of this program!