Special Districts (LLMD, csa, & CFD)

The Special Assessment Districts are divided into three categories consisting of Lighting, Landscape and Maintenance Districts (LLMD), Community Service Areas (CSA), and Community Facilities Districts (CFD). 

The City of Menifee administers special financing districts which are formed by property owners to fund services beyond the normal and customary services provided by the City. 

The City of Menifee strives to provide high quality administration and cost-effective maintenance of service-based programs that offer maintenance of arterial and residential street lighting and parkway and median landscaping to the residential communities and commercial/industrial developments through the City. Additionally, the City offers opportunities for future district formations to finance necessary public infrastructure and benefit services to accommodate the City’s growing commercial/industrial and residential needs.


The City’s Special Districts offer a mechanism to provide property owners with certain program and benefits such as parks and community services, residential and arterial street lighting, parkway landscape maintenance and median landscape maintenance. Services provided vary based on the funding received from annual charges/assessments paid by the property owners within each service area or zone. Funding for each financing district is collected through the taxes/charges/assessments levied and collected on the County of Riverside property tax bills. Operation of each financing district requires full cost recovery; service levels for the programs may be adjusted consistent with available funding levels. Funds collected in each program are restricted for use only within that program. 

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