Permit ready ADU program


The Permit Ready Accessory Dwelling Unit (PRADU) program is part of the City of Menifee's efforts to plan for housing needs throughout the community and accommodate a variety of housing. The PRADU program encourages the construction of ADUs by offering a series of eight, pre-reviewed, code compliant ADU construction plans with customizable options that allow for a variety of exterior finishes. The plans offer a reversed plan format where the plans can be flipped to meet site conditions and accessway needs. These ADU plans are pre-approved by the Building Division, meaning a stream-lined permit process and significant savings on preconstruction fees.

Documents and Plans for Application Submittal

The construction plans below are available for residents to use to obtain City permits within the City of Menifee. The full set of plans will be required for submittal.  The following ADU Guidance Handbook and Permit Ready ADU Application Packet have been created to assist you in the preparation of a Building Permit. The ADU Guidance Handbook provides helpful information on ADUs and the permit process and the Permit Ready ADU Packet includes the application, indemnification form, as well as an overview of fees and step-by-step instructions to assist in preparing your submittal.

Reference Material

For detailed information related to Accessory Dwelling Units, please refer to the following reference materials.

City Resources

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For More Information:

Please contact the Community Development Department at (951) 723-3741 or by email