Quality of Life Measure DD

Information on Measure DD:

Menifee's Voter-Approved Local Funding for City Services

In November 2016 Menifee voters enacted Menifee's Quality of Life Measure (Measure DD). Voter-approved Measure DD funding has allowed the City to maintain and enhance city services and programs before and during the current COVID-19 crises including emergency preparedness, police and fire services, and road safety and traffic mitigation. Menifee's Quality of Life Measure (Measure DD) funds are required to remain local and are not subject to state takeaways. An independent Citizen Oversight Committee provides a review of Measure DD expenditures to ensure funds are spent as voters intended.

Service Impacts of Local Voter-Approved Funding

Maintaining Critical Local Services

Menifee's Quality of Life Measure (Measure DD) helps maintain fiscal stability and provides locally-controlled funding to provide essential services, including among others:

  • Adequate paramedic and firefighting equipment
  • Emergency medical and disaster preparedness response
  • Maintaining police officers positions
  • Emergency healthcare supplies for paramedics, firefighters, and police officers
  • Neighborhood, schools, and parks police patrols
  • Safe roads and addressing traffic congestion
  • Senior/disabled/youth programs and other General Services

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