LU-3 Utilities & Infrastructure

Utilities & Infrastructure

Future land use patterns and rates of development will affect the demand on infrastructure for Menifee's utilities. As the population increases, it is important to ensure that demand for these services does not exceed the supply and that the expansion of infrastructure is sufficiently addressed to accommodate future needs. This is especially critical in areas such as Quail Valley and Romoland, which are experiencing ongoing infrastructure challenges that affect livability for residents and limit the ability to accommodate new development.


  • LU-3: A full range of public utilities and related services that provide for the immediate and long-term needs of the community.


  • LU-3.1: Work with utility providers in the planning, designing, and siting of distribution and support facilities to comply with the standards of the General Plan and Development Code.
  • LU-3.2: Work with utility provides to increase service capacity as demand increases.
  • LU-3.3: Coordinate public infrastructure improvements through the city's Capital Improvement Program.
  • LU-3.4: Require that approval of new development be contingent upon the project's ability to secure appropriate infrastructure services.
  • LU-3.5: Facilitate the shared use of right-of-way, transmission corridors, and other appropriate measures to minimize the visual impact of utilities infrastructure throughout Menifee.

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