Circulation Element C-3 Public Transit

Only areas below are considered part of the General Plan.

Public Transit

The network of potential transit services shown on Exhibit C-5: Potential Transit Services, works in conjunction with the proposed Menifee General Plan Roadway Network and the proposed Menifee Bikeway and Community Pedestrian Network to provide a framework for key routes and facilities that will further enhance connectivity for all users. The Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) provides fixed route and Dial-a-Ride bus service within the City of Menifee and neighboring jurisdictions. As the City of Menifee grows, transit nodes or transit centers may be considered to facilitate commuter express bus service, fixed-route bus service, future connections to Perris Valley Metrolink stations, and carpools. Though the development and operation of most public transit services and facilities are outside the city's authority, the city actively promotes transit through sound land planning, urban design, and active participation in regional transportation agencies.


  • C-3: A public transit system that is a viable alternative to automobile travel and meets basic transportation needs of the transit dependent.


  • C-3.1: Maintain a proactive working partnership with transit providers to ensure that adequate public transit service is available.
  • C-3.2: Require new development to provide transit facilities, such as bus shelters, transit bays, and turnouts, as necessary.
  • C-3.3: Provide additional development-related incentives to projects that promote transit use.
  • C-3.4: Advocate expansion of Metrolink service to the area.
  • C-3.5: Work with regional transit agencies to secure convenient feeder service from the Metrolink station to employment districts and transit nodes in Menifee.
  • C-3.6: Require future community-wide facilities, such as libraries, schools, parks, and community centers, to be sited in transit-ready areas (can be served and made accessible by public transit). Conversely, plan (and coordinate with other transit agencies to plan) future transit routes to serve existing community facilities.