Circulation Element C-4: Diversified Local Transportation

Only areas below are considered part of the General Plan.

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles/Golf Carts

Golf carts provide a reliable, environmentally friendly way to travel within a defined network to shop, visit and explore. NEVs are a relatively recent mode choice in the low speed vehicle family that is gaining attention and expanding travel choices. NEVs and golf carts have similar characteristics but also important differences, including the types of roadway they can operate on and how they are regulated. The network of potential NEV routes shown on Exhibit C-6: Potential Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Network, works in conjunction with the proposed Menifee General Plan Roadway Network and the proposed Menifee Bikeway and Community Pedestrian Network to provide a framework for low speed vehicle usage.


  • C-4: Diversified local transportation options that include neighborhood electric vehicles and golf carts.


  • C-4.1: Encourage the use of neighborhood electric vehicles and golf carts instead of automobiles for local trips.