Circulation Element C-5: Good Movement

Only areas below are considered part of the General Plan.

Goods Movement

The movement of goods to and through Menifee is critical to our economy, enabling growth of industrial and transportation-related businesses in the city and region. However, trucks generate noise and air pollutants and contribute to traffic congestion along roadways.

Designated truck routes through the City of Menifee are illustrated on Exhibit C-7: Truck Routes. Truck routes are established to designate specific roadways on which trucks may travel within and through the city. These routes direct trucks away from streets that are inappropriate or inadequate for substantial truck traffic. Trucks are allowed to access locations on other general plan roads and local streets for site deliveries (e.g. goods delivery or moving vans); however, they must take the most direct route to and from the designated truck routes.


  • C-5: An efficient flow of goods through the city that maximizes economic benefits and minimizes negative impacts.


  • C-5.1: Designate and maintain a network of city truck routes that provides for the effective transport of goods while minimizing negative impacts on local circulation and noise-sensitive land uses.
  • C-5.2: Work with regional and subregional transportation agencies to plan and implement goods movement strategies, including those that improve mobility, deliver goods efficiently, and minimize negative environmental impacts.
  • C-5.3: Support efforts to reduce/eliminate the negative environmental impacts of goods movement.