Open space & conservation element OSC-1: Parks & Recreation

Only areas below are considered part of the General Plan.

Parks & Recreation

Parks and recreational facilities provide a great number of benefits to the City of Menifee and its residents. These benefits include:

  • Improved health, wellness, and quality of life
  • Strong family and neighborhood connections
  • Protecting open space areas and natural resources
  • Enhancing air and water quality
  • Providing and protecting wildlife habitat
  • Attracting business relocation and expansion
  • Contributing to a healthy and productive workforce
  • Attracting visitors and retirees and enhancing real estate values

Parks and recreational facilities also serve as community focal points and gathering places; for example, the city's largest facility-Wheatfield Park-is the location of Menifee's Birthday Celebration, attracting local and regional visitors to a central gathering space where they can come together as a community.


  • OSC-1: A comprehensive system of high quality parks and recreation programs that meets the diverse needs of the community.


  • OCS-1.1: Provide parks and recreational programs to meet the varied needs of community residents, including children, youth, adults, seniors, and persons with disabilities, and make these facilities and services easily accessible and affordable to all users.
  • OCS-1.2: Require a minimum of 5 acres of public open space to be provided for every 1,000 city residents.
  • OCS-1.3: Locate and distribute parks and recreational facilities throughout the community so that most residents are within walking distance (1-half mile) of a public open space.
  • OCS-1.4: Enhance the natural environment and viewsheds through park design and site selection while preserving sensitive biological, cultural, and historic resources.
  • OCS-1.5: Make parks as safe as possible by promoting the latest developments in facility design and equipment technology.
  • OCS-1.6: Partner with school districts and other agencies and organizations for the joint-use, maintenance, and development of parks and recreational facilities and programs.
  • OCS-1.7: Ensure that parks and recreational facilities are well-maintained by the responsible agency.
  • OCS-1.8: Explore conventional and creative funding options for park and program development and administration.
  • OCS-1.9: Encourage all residents to participate in recreational programs regardless of age, economic status, disability, or other factor.
  • OCS-1.10: Develop a regional park of at least 25 acres within the City of Menifee.