OSC-4 Energy & Mineral

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Energy and Mineral

Most energy and all mineral resources are finite and limited. For this reason, the City of Menifee has a responsibility to address the conservation, diverse development, and thoughtful use and management of its energy and mineral resources. The City of Menifee is linked to energy and mineral production, from its early days when it attracted settlers due to its quartz deposits, to its more recent reputation as home to the Inland Empire Energy Center. Electric power and natural gas services; local renewable energy resources like solar, wind, and fuel cells; and mineral resources all play a part in defining Menifee's future growth potential, and their preservation should be thoughtfully considered alongside new development opportunities. In addition, energy and mineral production often have additional consequences to the natural environment and nonrenewable resources. For this reason, cultural and biological resources need to be addressed in a sensitive and respectful manner, in accordance with the requirements of CEQA and the requests of the affected cultural community, when proposing such impacts. Exhibit OSC-3 depicts the city's mineral resources.


  • OSC-4: Efficient and environmentally appropriate use and management of energy and mineral resources to ensure their availability for future generations.


  • OCS-4.1: Apply energy efficiency and conservation practices in land use, transportation demand management, and subdivision and building design.
  • OCS-4.2: Evaluate public and private efforts to develop and operate alternative systems of energy production, including solar, wind, and fuel cell.
  • OCS-4.3: Advocate for cost-effective and reliable production and delivery of electrical power to residents and businesses throughout the community.
  • OCS-4.4: Require that any future mining activities be in compliance with the State Mining Reclamation Act, federal and state environmental regulations, and local ordinances.
  • OCS-4.5: Limit the impacts of mining operations on the city's natural open space, biological and scenic resources, cultural resources and landscapes, and any adjacent land uses.

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