Open space & conservation element OSC-7: Water

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Availability of water resources has become increasingly limited in recent years, which in turn can have an effect on the amount and type of development that can be sustained in any city, including Menifee. As a result, it is critical for Menifee to work with its water providers to ensure that water resources are available to serve current and future residents and to employ water conservation strategies for residents and businesses in the city to protect this valuable natural resource. See Exhibit OSC-6 for an illustration of the city's water resources.


  • OSC-7: A reliable and safe water supply that effectively meets current and future user demands.


  • OCS-7.1: Work with the Eastern Municipal Water District to ensure that adequate, high-quality potable water supplies and infrastructure are provided to all development in the community.
  • OCS-7.2: Encourage water conservation as a means of preserving water resources.
  • OCS-7.3: Coordinate with the Eastern Municipal Water District to educate the public on the benefits of water conservation and promote strategies residents and businesses can employ to reduce their water usage.
  • OCS-7.4: Encourage the use of reclaimed water for the irrigation of parks, golf courses, public landscaped areas, and other feasible applications as service becomes available from the Eastern Municipal Water District.
  • OCS-7.5: Utilize a wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal system that adequately serves the existing and long-term needs of the community.
  • OCS-7.6: Work with the Eastern Municipal Water District to maintain adopted levels of service standards for sewer service systems.
  • OCS-7.7: Maintain and improve existing level of sewer service by improving infrastructure and repairing existing deficiencies.
  • OCS-7.8: Protect groundwater quality by decommissioning existing septic systems and establishing connections to sanitary sewer infrastructure.
  • OCS-7.9: Ensure that high quality potable water resources continue to be available by managing stormwater runoff, wellhead protection, and other sources of pollutants.
  • OCS-7.10: Preserve natural floodplains, including Salt Creek, Ethanac Wash, Paloma Wash, and Warm Springs Creek, to facilitate water percolation, replenishment of the natural aquifer, proper drainage, and prevention of flood damage.
  • OCS-7.11: Ensure that natural and cultural resources are protected and avoided while still maintaining important water goals.

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