Community design element CD-1: Community Image

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Community Image

An attractive and unified community appearance not only increases a sense of pride in residents, but creates a positive climate for business and makes a positive impression on visitors. The City of Menifee's image is defined by its natural and built environments, including its collection of unique communities (Sun City, Quail Valley), natural topography (Bell Mountain, Quail Hill), and planned developments (Menifee Lakes, Audie Murphy). While it is important to retain the character of the city's individual communities, it is equally important to ensure a comprehensive and cohesive community identity through the implementation of strategic design elements. The community image can be reinforced at carefully placed and well-designed gateways at primary entrances to the city; these gateways can define the boundaries of the city and create a sense of arrival. Key gateways into Menifee are identified on Exhibit CD-1


  • CD-1: A unified and attractive community identity that complements the character of the City's distinctive communities.


  • CD-1.1: Enhance the city's identity through the use of distinct city graphics, such as the city seal, in the design of gateways, street signs, city signage, public facilities and public gathering spaces, and other areas where appropriate.
  • CD-1.2: Support the development and preservation of unique communities and rural and suburban neighborhoods in which each community exhibits a special sense of place and quality of design.
  • CD-1.3: Strengthen the identity of individual neighborhoods/communities with entry monuments, flags, street signs, and/or special tree streets, landscaping, and lighting.
  • CD-1.4: Provide special landscaping and decorative monument signage in order to highlight arrival and departure from the city.
  • CD-1.5: Encourage new residential development in Sun City to specifically address the needs of seniors, including projects that have smaller yards, low-maintenance landscaping, limited mobility fixtures, and appropriately-sized parking spaces.

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