community Design Element CD-2: Rural Design

Only areas below are considered part of the General Plan.

Rural Design

One of Menifee's most important land uses in terms of historic character and lifestyle choice is its rural areas and rural communities. Rural areas are one of the most distinctive and desired segments of the city and are the expressed lifestyle choice for many residents. Rural uses include a range of choices, from agricultural, to equestrian, to estate. Rural uses define the unique character of many communities in Menifee and help to define their edges and provide separation between more developed areas of the city. Rural communities often define their lifestyle in part through a desire to maintain larger lot sizes, less developed roadways and infrastructure, and physical separation from more urban land uses. It is a community priority to maintain the city's rural character while other, more-focused areas in the city experience growth.


  • CD-2: Preserve and enhance the character of the city's rural areas.


  • CD-2.1: Require open space and recreation buffers, increased setbacks/step backs, landscape screening, sensitive site planning, and/or other buffer techniques, to the extent possible, between rural/equestrian-oriented land uses and dissimilar uses.
  • CD-2.2: Utilize wood, wrought-iron, or other types of open fencing instead of block walls in rural areas as needed.
  • CD-2.3: Allow for the elimination of vertical curbs, paved gutters, and sidewalks in rural areas if adequate drainage conditions are provided.

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