Economic development element ED-1: Diverse & Robust Economy

Only areas below are considered part of the General Plan.

Diverse and Robust Economy


  • ED-1: A diverse and robust local economy capable of providing employment for all residents desiring to work in the city.


  • ED-1.1: Focus economic development efforts on the primary objective of increasing the number of jobs that pay above-average wages and salaries.
  • ED-1.2: Diversify the local economy and create a balance of employment opportunities across skill and education levels, wages and salaries, and industries and occupations.
  • ED-1.3: Establish a long-term employment objective where the number of jobs in the city will be equal to or up to 10% higher than the number of employed people living in Menifee.
  • ED-1.4: Provide sufficient infrastructure to serve the full build out of the city.
  • ED-1.5: Help existing businesses communicate their workforce needs to regional workforce development partners and to school district partners. Collaborate with regional economic development partners to market Menifee to potential new businesses. Collaborate with regional business development and educational partners to publicize the assistance and training available to Menifee residents to start up and grow businesses.