Economic development element ED-4: Staff Capacity, Funding & Tools

Only areas below are considered part of the General Plan.

Staff Capacity, Funding & Tools


  • ED-4: Staff capacity, funding, and tools needed to achieve economic development goals.


  • ED-4.1: Maintain professional economic development staff to implement the General Plan, the economic development strategy, and annual City Council priorities.
  • ED-4.2: Adopt and periodically update an economic development strategy. The strategy shall provide measurable objectives and action plans intended to achieve the goals of this element. The strategy may include additional, shorter-term goals that are not in conflict with this element.
  • ED-4.3: Require that investment of municipal resources to achieve economic development goals through other agencies or the private sector be contingent upon achieving measurable objectives in accordance with the economic development strategy.
  • ED-4.4: Periodically assess the accuracy of projections for staff time and city resources and use the assessment results to improve the city's fiscal decision-making process.
  • ED-4.5: Require city departments to submit an annual budget request free from reliance on 1-time revenues (except for specific grant funded projects) and unsustainable revenue and deficit spending.