Safety element S-8: Police Services


In November 2018, the Menifee City Council voted to create their own police department. Being a young city, which incorporated in 2008, this was a bold step on the City Council’s part. Menifee is one of the fastest growing and vibrant cities in America and it only made sense to have local control of their own police department.  On July 1, 2020, the Menifee Police Department officially entered service with over 60 officers and 17 professional staff.  Soon after its formation, the Menifee Police Department adopted the following Mission Statement and Values:


  “We deliver an experience where people feel unified, engaged and safe.”


  • Together – See one another-Know one another-Empower one another
  • Humble – Learn-Serve-Sacrifice
  • Creative – Encourage and pursue original ideas

The Chief of Police is responsible for administering and managing the Menifee Police Department. There are three divisions in the Police Department as follows: 

  • OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF POLICE: Under the direction of the Chief of Police, this Division has overall authority and is responsible for the effective administration, management and coordination of police services in the community. In addition to the Office of the Chief, this Division includes Budget and Finance, Policy and Procedure (updates/issuance/adherence), as well as the Senior Police Personnel and Training Analyst, and Professional Standards and Training Unit (PST).  PST includes hiring, personnel, training, organizational adherence to Federal, State and local laws, acceptance and review of personnel commendations and complaints, Property and Evidence (as well as Crime Scene Investigations), short- and long-range Strategic Planning, and public information and social media. 
  • OPERATIONS DIVISION: The Operations Division is commanded by a Captain, whose primary responsibility is to provide general management direction and control for the Operations Division.  The Operations Division consists of Uniformed Patrol, Traffic Unit, School Programs, SWAT and K-9.
  • INVESTIGATIONS AND SUPPORT SERVICES DIVISION:  The Investigations and Support Services Division is commanded by a Captain, whose primary responsibility is to provide general management direction and control for the Services Division. The Services Division consists of the General Investigation Unit, Special Investigations Unit, Problem Oriented Policing Unit, Code Enforcement Unit, Crime Analysis Unit, Property and Evidence Unit which includes Crime Scene Investigations, Volunteer Program, and protection and order during public meetings pursuant to California Government Code 38638.


  • S-8: A community that provides high-quality police services and effective police response to major disasters and emergency events. 


  • S-8.1: Utilize technology and IT infrastructure such as mobile platforms allowing for connectivity at remote work sites in the event of displacement.
  • S-8.2: Provide citywide surveillance connectivity allowing for assessment of critical roadways and infrastructure and video analytics including facial and physical recognition for threat analysis around critical infrastructure and government buildings. 
  • S-8.3: Provide a diversity of fleet for specific and general mission accomplishments including for mobile command operations capable of replacing dispatch in long-term displacement situations. 
  • S-8.4: Identify currently owned City buildings and property for expansion of emergency services.
  • S-8.5: Comply with all federal and State of California training requirements including POST (State of California) and FEMA ICS courses 100, 200, 300, 400 and 700 and provide officer and supervisor training in areas of Emergency Management and as Terrorism Liaison Officers. 

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