Menifee Citizens Advisory Committee (MCAC)

The Menifee Citizens Advisory Committee (MCAC) serves as an advisory committee for the City Council of Menifee, CA in all policy matters pertaining to the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program. The City Council reviews funding recommendations made by MCAC after reviewing proposals for public services programs as they pertain to the City's CDBG Program. In May 2016, the City Council also formally appointed the MCAC as the advisory committee responsible for vetting and selecting the Menifee Citizen of the Year.


  • Established By: Resolution No. 15-414
  • Amended By: Resolution No. 20-981
  • Term of Office: Committee Members shall serve at the pleasure of his/her appointing Committee or Commission, for a two-year term commencing January 1st and expiring December 31st of each year.  There shall be no limit on the number of terms a Menifee Citizens Advisory Committee Member may serve.
  • Qualifications: Menifee Community Advisory Committee shall be composed of a cross-section of the City’s community advisory boards.
  • Staff Liaison: Edna I. Lebrón, Sr. Management Analyst


  • As needed


  • 6 members 

Committee Members

  • Committee Chair: Gloria Sanchez
  • Committee Vice Chair: David Foust 
  • Committee Member:  Linda Blanche
  • Committee Member: Joe Long
  • Committee Member:  Randy Madrid
  • Committee Member:  Laz Peterson